2018 Visit NSW Parliament House hosted by Mark Coure MP

Invited by Mr Mark Coure MP, President of Way In Network Annie Tang and sisters went to visit NSW Parliament House on 8 February 2018.

Mr Mark Coure MP introduced Way In Network members to his colleagues Mr Lee Justin Evans MP and Ms Melanie Gibbons MP, he said in the past 26 years Way In Network has earned reputation across the entire community through its community events and activities. They thank you for continuous effort and outstanding service from WIN to the wider community.

NSW Parliament House prepared delicious morning tea for our members. The morning tea was held in the function room which was used to memorise Ms Millicent Preston Stanley MP (United Australia Party), the first woman elected to the NSW Parliament, gains a seat in the Legislative Assembly in 1925. Mr Mark Coure MP said this special arrangement for WIN sisters is because Way In Network is a solidly established women’s network which has served immigrant women in NSW for 26 years, he thanked again for WIN’s achievements that helping these women settle and engaging them in worthwhile charitable activities.

Mr Mark Coure MP also take sisters through the Legislative Chambers and the historic Parkes, Wentworth and Jubilee rooms. They experienced first-hand the beautiful colonial architecture while learning more about the role, history and work of the Parliament. They also had a very special experience to watch a violent debate between two Parties.