Way In Network was established in 1992 with the initiative by The Honourable Dr Helen Sham Ho to build a support network for the migrant women during their settlement in Australia.

Over the years, Way In Network has evolved into a well-known and trusted charity organisation amongst the local community with the key objective of raising funds to assist those in need in Australia and overseas. The NSW Government awarded Way In Network on two separate occasions in 2002 and 2013 for Outstanding Community Services.

The current management committee is led by President Annie Tang JP and with Past Presidents Mrs. Florence Chau JP and Ms Linda Tang JP as Honorary Advisors. Members include migrant women from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Most of our members hold professional positions in industries spanning from banking, finance, accounting, public relations and welfare to the public services. Others operate their own successful businesses in Australia and or overseas, whilst others are homemakers. As an ongoing process, our members continue to assist new female migrants to settle in Sydney.

Since inception, Way In Network has successfully raised over AUD$3.7 million in funds for our local community and for international disasters. With these funds, Way In Network had donated to various causes such as:

  • Australian Chinese Charity Foundation Inc (ACCF)
  • Australian Chinese Medical Association Inc NSW (ACMA)
  • Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AGCF)
  • Australian Kidney Foundation NSW
  • Australian Nursing Home Foundation
  • Australia Paralympic Federation Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
  • Australian Red Cross – Wenchuan Sichuan Province Earthquake Appeal
  • BaptistCare
  • Barnardos Australia
  • Cambodia Vision
  • CanRevive Inc
  • China Vision Inc
  • Chinatown Bilingual Support Group Parkinson NSW
  • Chinese Medicine Centre
  • Chinese Parent’s Association – Children with Disability
  • Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
  • Concord Cancer Centre, Concord Hospital
  • Counterpoint Multicultural Services
  • Cyclone Vanuatu 2015 Appeal
  • Dilly Drought Drive – Wollondilly Shire Special Drought Appeal
  • First Light Care Association Incorporated
  • Gaoyao Youth English Centre (China)
  • Haiti Earthquake Appeal
  • Health Share NSW
  • Heart to Heart Foundation The Richmond Fellowship of NSW
  • Indigenous Education The Scot’s College
  • Indochinese Aged Care Services
  • Joyful Foundation (Hong Kong)
  • Lifeline Northern River – Flood Appeal NSW 2022
  • MITO Foundation
  • NSW Chinese Bushfires Appeal 2019
  • NSW Rural Fire Services – The Hills District Bushfires Appeal 2020
  • Queensland Flood Relief Appeal
  • Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
  • Salvation Army
  • Salvation Army – ACCF Bushfire Emergency Relief Appeal 2020
  • Salvation Army in Hawkesbury River – Flood Appeal NSW 2022
  • Special Children Services Centre
  • St George and Sutherland Medical Research (SSMRF)
  • St George Hospital – Cancer Care Centre
  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation
  • The Asthma Foundation NSW
  • The Australian Paralympic Federation
  • The Heart to Heart Foundation
  • The Leukaemia Foundation of NSW (Royal North Shore Hospital)
  • The Lions Clubs International Foundation
  • The Millennium of Cardiology (Westmead Hospital)
  • The Millennium of Storrs Liver Unit (Westmead Hospital)
  • The Royal Blind Society of NSW
  • The Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children
  • The Royal North Shore Hospital Leukaemia Research Fund
  • The Westmead Institute for Medical Research
  • Westmead Women Institute of Research & Data Collaboration (W2IRED)
  • White Ribbon Australia
  • Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre
  • World Vision – Aboriginal Youth Program
  • World Vision – Tsunami Disaster in South Asia
  • Wuhan Hubei China and Hong Kong – Medical Supplies to Anti COVID-19 Epidemics
  • University of Sydney – Female post-graduate scholarship
  • University of Sydney & the Chinese University of Hong Kong – ACCLAIM medical research project
  • Xiaozhai Village & Longsheng Primary School – Fire Emerges Supplies Appeal (China Guangxi Province)

In 2017 the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AGCF) formed a partnership with Way In Network to create a new post-doctoral fellowship grant to support a research project aligned with the AGCF priorities. Way In Network is a proud Ambassador for AGCF. https://www.agcf.org.au/the-way-in-network/

The annual Elderly Luncheon is a signature event in the Way In Network calendar. The organisation hosts this event annually for more than 300 elderly people in Chinatown. The senior with its life experience, possesses an incredible amount of strength, wisdom and knowledge to the community. With this event offering them deserved respect and recognition and teaching our younger generation to do the same. The elderly participants will be pampered with plenty of presents, entertainment and social network to reinforce a sense of worthiness.

Way In Network aspires to continue assisting those in need in our local community and internationally in many years to come.