Way In Network held 2023 Annual General Meeting on 26 August 2023 at Emperor’s Garden Restaurant.

In President Annie Tang’s Report, she mentioned that as we enter to the final year of our 2021-2023 committee term, she is proud of the progress, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with such a dynamic, enthusiastic, dedicated, and hardworking committee.

She feels so grateful to be the President of Way In Network for the years of 2011-2013 and then for the last three terms from 2017 to 2023.

She has also dedicated her president report to sharing some of the exciting activities and success of these 6 years.

Great thanks to Annie for her leadship in the past six years.

Secretary Faith Tan and Rosanna Ng shared the general activities report to review all the charity activities our members have been engaged in past year. In total of 37 charity activities means our Way In sisters were contributing their efforts to various aspects of the commnity as many as one in every ten days in year 2022-2023.

Treasurer June He presented the 2022-2023 Financial Report and Audit Report.

Annual donation details are as follow.

1 Special Children Services Centre Inc donation $1,500.00
2 Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation( AGCF) donation $2,000.00
3 The Scots College Sydney Indigenous Bursary Fund donation $1,500.00
4 The Salvation Army Hurstville Donation $2,000.00
5 ACCF annual dinner tickets for ten people $1200 and donation $2000 $2,000.00
6 ACMA charitable Trust donation $2,200.00
7 foundation for A Bloody Grear Cause Limited donation $3,000.00
8 SSMRF donation $2,000.00
9 Qiaoling Mo for Chunzhen Family donation $6,415.00
10 ACCF Flood relief donation $2,000.00
11 ANHF donation (ACJC Founction) $1,000.00
12 Parkingson donation  $3,000.00
13 Australia Nursing Home Fundation donation $16,000.00
14 Westmead Institute  for Medical research Foundation donation $20,000.00
15 Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AGCF) Donation $20,000.00
16 CCA New South Wales donation $1,000.00
17 Children parents association donation $2,000.00
18 Australian Chinese Buddhist Society Inc donation $2,000.00
19 Wollongong University $2,200.00
Total   $91,815.00

Dr. Helen Sham Ho OAM JP hosted the part of appointment of returning officer and election of 2023-2025 New Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members.

Jessie Xiao has been elected as the new President of Way In Network 2023-2025. Jessie thanked Dr Helen Sham Ho for overseeing the 2023-2025 election, also welcomed returning officers and new supporters for joining the new committee. She appreciates every committee member and every former member’s contribution and continued support to let Wayin has become what it is today. 

Way In Network 2023-2025 Committee

Position Names
Hon. Advisor   Annie Tang 
Hon. Advisor   Florence Chau 
Hon. Advisor   Linda Tang 
President Jessie Xiao
Vice President  Eugenia Lieu 
Secretary (English)  Rosanna Ng 
Secretary (Chinese) Faith Tan
Treasurer Shelly Wang
Public Officer    Mandy Van 
General Affair Officer Lisa Harris
Public Relation Officer  Polly Chan
Event Project Officer Stella So
Committee Member Anny Chan
Committee Member Gabby Kwok
Committee Member Li Jun (June) He
Committee Member Ellie Huang
Committee Member Milly Yang
Committee Member Zhiqin (Coco) Zhou
Committee Member Nicole He
Committee Member Queeny Pun
Committee Member Brenda Xiao

Congretulations to the newly elected Way In leadership and committee team and best wishes for the future management and cooperation of all Way In members. As mentioned by Dr Helen Sham Ho, our association is known in English as “Way In Network” as the old saying goes “One should conduct oneself with dignity before others would follow suit”. This is to iron out differences and is the only way to be acceptable and respected.

At the end of AGM, all the attendees celebrated for August and September birthday members.