2018 Way In Ladies’ donation of $25,000 to ACCLAIM In Support Of Medical Research

Way In Network members have donated $25,000 to support the ACCLAIM joint research project by the University of Sydney and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Integrative Medicine(IM) brings in the strengths of Western Medicine (WM) and Chinese Medicine (CM) to treat patients. With the wealth of knowledge in books, journals, databases and websites, information technology (IT) has a big role to help understand how to complement WM and CM.

The University of Sydney (USYD) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) decided to join force to create a joint research laboratory, Analytic and Clinical Cooperative Laboratory For Integrative Medicine (ACCLAIM).

It has two co–‐directors (Dr Josiah Poon, USYD and Dr Alex Lau, CUHK) and two conveners (A/Prof Simon Poon, USYD and Prof Vincent Chung, CUHK).

The joint lab has a good international collaboration network, such as the Chinese Academy Of Chinese Medical Science (CACMS), University of Manchester, and Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr Josiah Poon has organised an afternoon tea meeting with Way In Network ladies to thank for their support towards this project. He was excited to share the first project began with the study on “stroke”. Preliminary results hinted that stroke patients with CM treatment had better clinical outcome. Studies on other diseases (dementia, cancer, gastro–‐ intestinal disease etc.) are on the pipeline.

Dr Poon said “Chinese Medicine is a heritage that China offers to the world. Its unique medical principles and approaches cannot be found elsewhere. It is our strong belief that we still have plenty to learn and her much potential are yet to be discovered. The outcome is going to be beneficial to everyone. We have the confidence that the community shares our visions and dream.”

Dr Helen Sham Ho, the Honorary President of Way In Network, she not only announced the establishment of ACCLAIM in their last year’s Symposium, but she also chaired the gathering of community support.

Donors list from Way In Network as follows: –

Annie Tang JP $5000
Faith Tan & June He $5000
Vivienne Yim $5000
Coco Zhou $2,000
Florence Chau JP $1,000
Jessie Xiao 1,000
Daisy Lam $1,000
Elaine Kong $1,000
Ellie Huang $1,000
Maggie Lo $1,000
Milly Yang $1,000
Linda Tang JP $500
Monica Chu $500