2019 Way In Network Elderly Luncheon

Way In Network held the Annual Elderly Luncheon at Golden Century seafood restaurant on Saturday, and invited 300 elders over the age of 70 to attend, hoping to inherit the old virtues of Chinese culture.

President Annie Tang of Way In Network had the speech first, thanked for all Committee members, former Presidents, consultants, and volunteers for their preparation of this event over the past few months. To allow all the elderly to participate in this enjoyable and unforgettable party, Annie also thanked for the continuous support from Eric and Linda Wong of Golden Century seafood restaurant.

Eric Wong, managing director of Golden Century seafood restaurant welcomed all elders and hoped them enjoy all vegetarian dishes.

In addition to delicious dishes, all elderly also received rich prizes from the table. They participated in lucky draw programs, and prizes include: electric appliances, household items and healthcare gifts, etc. Of which elderly people over 90 years old received extra lucky money. In addition to the Golden Century seafood restaurant, there are more than a dozen organizations and more than 30 charitarians who have sponsored the event so that all elderly person were very happy for such an entertaining day.

All elders enjoyed dance and chorus performance from volunteers of the community. Also, Wayin Sisters performed the choir which receive lots of applause from the audience.

Way In Network is a women organisation and founded for 25 years. Through the event of Annual Elderly Luncheon, Way In sisters wish to promote Chinese culture to respect virtue, as well as hoping the younger generation can advocate the spirit of “care for the elderly, and people of the old”. Therefore, all participated volunteers of this event are the Committee members or members’ next generation.






贊助機構:- (排名不分先後)

林和成貿易公司 National Auto Glass Supplies
恆暉貿易公司 Urban Stellar
泰國皇族牌香米 E Smart Finance
鳳雅堂 Aust & Asia Plastic Bags
金唐海鮮酒家 Milton Park Country House & Spa
五邑商會會長林永義先生 Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
海日本料理集團 Soya King
岑氏鐘錶首飾行 華埠物理治療診所
游東成投資保險顧問公司 炳翰國際機構澳洲公司
茶賢居 新世紀地產

個人善款贊助者:- (排名不分先後)

Helen Sham Ho Annie Tang Florence Chau
Linda Tang Faith Tan Maggie Lo
白光乾醫生 陳林燕飛女士 鍾荣先生
Jessie Xiao Felicia Hon Daisy Lam
Elsa Shum June He Rosanna Ng
Anny Chan Lisa Harris Eugenia Lieu
Ellie Huang Coco Zhou Rosy Li
Gabby Kwok Shinta Taylor Brenda Xiao
Nicole He Rita He Stella So
Elizabeth Pang Elaine Kong Florence Yip
Sally Yau Linda Lam Mandy Van
Cindy Li Cindy Chan Sandy Tung
Grace Chow Louisa Lee